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Crop or Flop?

Cropped ears on your dog can look great. But you want to make sure the procedure is done properly and safely, to ensure you get the results you want—while keeping your dog as safe and comfortable as possible. I believe Dr. Anne Midgarden does just that. 


Ear Cropping $400 (Additional)
We use Dr. Midgarden’s Veterinary Clinic in Wapakoneta, OH for Ear Cropping services. The clinic is about 2 hours from me but worth the drive! Dr. Anne Midgarden has amazing reviews and people travel from out of state to go to her clinic for crops (6+ hours travel time). They book fairly quickly so if you’re interested please let me know ASAP so we can get you booked! 
If you want your puppy cropped before coming home, please contact us and we can discuss what type of crop you’d like. Prior to getting your puppy cropped we’ll provide you with many great resoruces for after care cropping/posting. There are also facebook groups online that can help every step of the way through your cropped journey.

There are many different crop styles so lets get to choosing!
Medium Pet Crop (3/4)--looks very nice and easier to maintain.
Show Crop (7/8)--Long and taller crop. With a longer crop you will spend more time wrapping and posting the ears. There is more risk of them not standing. This crop is just beautiful and elegant. 
Posting can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 10 months or more depending on the puppy before their ears will stand on their own. This is a very time consuming process and the new puppy owner must be diligent about this process, it will be well worth it in the end!
It will be the new owner's responsibility to find a Veterinarian/Breeder/Dane Owner experienced in cropped dogs to assist in the puppies after crop care. There is no guarantee the ears will stand or stand correctly. 
We have some great resources for after cropping care, posting etc. We will help refer you to some online groups that can help every step of the way!


The Ear Cropping is performed by a licensed Veterinarian normally between 7- 8 weeks of age. (Stitches normally come out 10-14 days after surgery). Your puppy will be released to go home after stitches come out. 
Please be aware with any surgical procedure there are risks involved with putting an animal under anesthesia. There is No Guarantee on Ear Cropping, Size, Style or Quality. Before your puppy undergoes surgery it will receive an examination by a licensed Veterinarian to ensure the puppy is healthy for surgery. Made in OHIO Kennels will not be responsible for any damage or loss that should be caused by choosing to have your puppy's ears cropped.

Ear Cropping Contract

Medium Pet Crop - 3/4

Show (Tall) Crop - 7/8

All cropping photos were taken from Dr. Anne Midgarden Fan Club page on a post where I asked if people could share their crop photos to other people. None of these photos are owned by Made in OHIO Kennels. 

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